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Gee golly… not one single post since May! that is just outrageous! :) but i have received some encouragement to start posting again so here i am. hehe

many things have changed since my last post.. and well some things never change!

- adjusting to a new job at one America’s fastest growing retailers… Forever 21. i must say that I am quite thoroughly enjoying the job and learning A TON.

- i was a bridesmaid for the first time! well, i was called a bridesmaid but i hardly felt like one becuase my coordinator instincts kicked in and started doing things and running around in my heels. but LOVED every moment of it. not to mention the cha + sohn wedding was a window to some changes that were made in life (details to come)

- i joined by friends in the 25+ club! did the birthday just like i wanted to. i worked at 7am in the morning (yes, i worked!) and played until 1am with my old college roomies!

Yes, some things may have changed- but my love for anenomies, peonies, and milkglass will be always and forever!

[my apologies for not crediting this picture appropriately- i forgot where i saved it from…]

choice: i decided to re-prioritize life and focus my time and energy on the important things… to be shared one at a time


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rain, rain, go away. or actually just stay.

a couple months back I had the honor of assisting Esther at a  My Bride Story wedding. being that we are in LA and the weather is very tempermental, there was an unexpected visitor called “rain.” but the bride and groom were not going to let it put a damper on their very special day! and in hindsight the rain was a perfect compliment to some of the best pictures that Scott Andrews got that day (well in my opinion that is)

esther and matt got married at a church right across the street from where they had a dinner recpetion with their closest family and friends at The Westin, in Pasadena. the set-up was a breeze, and of course the MBS staff (or maybe just me) started swooning over all the diy projects and wedding items that the bride had put together.


the centerpieces consisted of wine bottles, mason jars w/candles, succulents, and bunches of different flowers. the first question that came to mind- wow! they must have been saving all these wine bottles for quite sometime! but later found out that they were up-cycled from her sister’s wedding that was earlier in the year :) cheers for being a resourceful bride!

believe it or not, the succulents are all from the bride’s mother’s backyard!

the bride made this fabulous identifier that hung in front of the head table! my guess is that she twisted wire to get the letters in the right shape. then wrapped the wire with differnt colored yarn to compliment her wedding colors. LOVE IT! but i’ll tell ya- bending and twisting wire is no easy task- bravo to diy brides!

the couple was spot on in creating a comfortable inviting atmosphere for all their guest to enjoy.

don’t forget to check out the full post on wedding chicks!

if you are a bridesmaid interested in looking for a creative way to give you toast, check out My Bride Story’s sneek peak post on Esther and Matt’s wedding. Esther’s little sisters “gave” the best/ most creative/ cutest toast! or check it out on vimeo.

cheers to not letting a little (or a lot) of rain get in you way of celebrating!

<3 c.lee

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WOMENTUM weekending!

a couple months ago a bunch of friends and i decided to sign up for revlon’s annual run/walk 5k. ok, for me it was forced persuasion. haha… nonetheless i’m “very” excited to participate in my first 5k.

for those who have no idea what i’m talking about head over to revlonrunwalk.org for more information. they take same day participants as well! JOIN US! from the info that i’ve read this is an annual fundraiser to help raise funds that is to be applied to the eradication of cancers in women.

at first people asked me why i decided to participate. my answer, i want to see the celebrities who sponser this event. i thought long and hard about people who are near and dear to me and couldn’t think of any women who have battled cancer or are currently battling cancer. and then i thought of my mom’s dear friend Ogi Stewart. she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year- she went under for surgery and has gone through multiple rounds of intense chemotherapy. she has successfully completed chemo as of last week! praise the Lord!

i run for you Mrs. Ogi Stewart. ok- its more like i jog/walk for you! :)

i’m actually VERY NERVOUS about this. i can’t believe i made a choice and signed up. i hate running, and can barely run a mile- so i’m guessing i’ll be huffing and puffing the whole entire way there. but with the hopes of still finishing and being reminded of the reason why i’m participating in an event such as this.

<3 c.lee 

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new york in 2011 or bust

i can’t believe its already MAY! we are almost at the halfway mark of 2011- time flies! on Sunday after church we got into small groups and shared about things that we want to accomplish by the end of 2011. i couldn’t think of anything deep and profound, nonetheless anything that would “challenge” others… all i knew was that i wanted to do NEW YORK by the end of 2011~

i’ve been born and raised in CA. i’ve gone overseas a number of times but i’ve never made it to the east coast! and these days whether be it for work or school its seems like all of my friends are migrating in that direction.

this summer GMC’s VBS (vacation bible school) is themed “the big apple”- so in the midst of brainstorming designs and ideas you can imagine that my itch to go to New York is growing. *sigh i’m going to get there! you just wait! and i want hit ALL the spots!

times square- duh! is a MUST. day and night!

i want to learn the art of whistling for a taxi

the list is endless. maybe i’ll leave for a vacay to new york and i just won’t come back to CA… hmm… thats an option :)

<3 c.lee 

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A + H get hitched!

last weekend A + H got hitched at the Clarke Estate in Santa Fe Springs. (this is the DIY Extravaganza i was telling you about!) it took us the entire 4+ hours to set-up all the details and diy projects that the bride and groom spent months working on. BRAVO to Annie and Harrison becuase the wedding was absolutely AMAZING!

i can’t wait to see the images that He & She Photography got and not to mention the masterpiece LoveSpun Films is working on!

here’s a sneek peek of some of the details that the My Bride Story staff set-up the day of…

i met up with A + H the day before to check in all the wedding items at the venue. we were lucky and were able to use a storage room to store everything. and yes, all those boxes belong to A + H

Annie is the most organized and detail oriented bride that i’ve worked with thus far. she even sent me mock-up pictures of how she wanted table settings and the dessert bar. she made my a job a whole lot easier.

the dessert bar filled with diddy riese cookies, paulette macaroons, gummy bears, taffy, chocolate, and of course the wedding cake. we opened the dessert bar right after cake cutting and it was literally gone within 5 minutes! it seemed like it was the announcement all the guests were waiting for “ladies and gentlemen- the dessert bar is now open” it was quite a sight.

the reception in the backyard of the Estate.

it was filled with a mix of rounds and long family style tables to accomodate to 200 of their closest friends and family.

Annie planted her own succulent center pieces which were scattered all throughout the reception tables and in the lounge area.

A + H hired “singing waitors” to entertain their guests- well, at least thats what their cover story is. bruin harmony is ucla’s very own acapella group. both annie and harrison love the show glee and thought it would be a fun surprise to have them come and do a couple sets for their guests. they were so good and entertaining! some of the guys really did act the part of waitors and went around serving water before they were brought up to the stage! bravo gentlemen!

now my two most favorite projects of the night…

this is the alter piece that the groom, Harrison, custom built with his buddy!! this is the picture he sent me to reference to… OMG! right? i think it is definitely anthro-display worthy! the day of we set it out on the alter and some of harrison’s friends came a little early to twine in some flowers! LOVE IT!!

6ft tall chalkboards!! this is only 1 of 6 that she made… she did all the designs and fonts herself. i’ll be back with shots of her other chalkborads because this bb picture does not do justice.

at the end of the night, with all the wedding items packed, all the vendors cleaning up i realized that Annie + Harrison’s wedding was truly a labor of love. all the details did not get done by just the bride and groom- but it was all possible only with the help of their bridal party and close family and friends.

the night was truly a celebration of love and happiness. everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather (well, once the sun started going down), and enjoyed the company of friends and family. i LOVED the environment that A + H created!

i imagine/hope my wedding to be something like that of A + H’s special day!

cheers to the newlyweds!

<3 c.lee

p.s. i forgot to mention Annie was looking killer gorgeous in her monique lhuillier gown (which is the ONE i’ve been eyeing as my dream dress- i think annie and i just might be super similar! hehe)