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new york in 2011 or bust

i can’t believe its already MAY! we are almost at the halfway mark of 2011- time flies! on Sunday after church we got into small groups and shared about things that we want to accomplish by the end of 2011. i couldn’t think of anything deep and profound, nonetheless anything that would “challenge” others… all i knew was that i wanted to do NEW YORK by the end of 2011~

i’ve been born and raised in CA. i’ve gone overseas a number of times but i’ve never made it to the east coast! and these days whether be it for work or school its seems like all of my friends are migrating in that direction.

this summer GMC’s VBS (vacation bible school) is themed “the big apple”- so in the midst of brainstorming designs and ideas you can imagine that my itch to go to New York is growing. *sigh i’m going to get there! you just wait! and i want hit ALL the spots!

times square- duh! is a MUST. day and night!

i want to learn the art of whistling for a taxi

the list is endless. maybe i’ll leave for a vacay to new york and i just won’t come back to CA… hmm… thats an option :)

<3 c.lee 

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